I started recording music in the early 1990’s when I was in a band with friends and continued recording songs long after the band split up in 1992. I love to collaborate with other musicians and artists and have made three albums/EPs so far. Some great musicians and people have helped me along the way.

Back then, when I was starting out, recording studios were a very different place and we used to record live onto reel to  reel 1/2″ tape and then walk away with a DAT with the final mix on it.


These days, like most musicians, it’s easy to produce your own music at home on a computer with a DAW (digital audio workstation), one track at a time and mix each instrument until it sounds good enough to send to a mastering engineer. My songs then get compressed into a tiny little file known as a WAV or MP3 and is distributed to the various streaming sites like Spotify and iTunes where hopefully someone like you will hear it and give it some high fives.

If you hear one of my songs, I would like to know what you think. Seriously, I would. So get in touch.

You can contact me here on the contact page or through one of my social media links on this page.

Bead music is available to stream or download from this link http://hyperurl.co/v3xzew

The new EP ‘Country Mountain‘ is out now and is the follow up to my previous 8 song release called ‘Battle Stations‘.

The new EP features guest musicians Boz Boorer (Morrissey, The Polecats) on guitars and Dave Ruffy (The RUTS, Kirsty MacColl, The Waterboys) on drums.

It was Mastered for iTunes by Tim Young (Paul Weller, The Smiths, Elbow) in Metropolis London, England and released 10 Sept 2018.
The track listing includes:

  1. Just Like The Beatles 4:25 (D Dwyer/C Murphy)
  2. No One Ever Told Me 3:16 (D Dwyer)
  3. The Highway 3:04 (D Dwyer)
  4. Black Irish Dogs 4:51 (D Dwyer)
  5. Country Mountain 3:36 (D Dwyer)