And The Healing Has Begun

Its not all bad news! Having been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer on 1st September 2022, I might be forgiven for not keeping my blog up to date hence the lack of posts here for some time.

The diagnosis came completely out of the blue and was a major shock. One minute Im walking dogs on the beach, working like a madman in cyber security, climbing mountains and hiking around Ireland, the next minute Im sitting in a surgeons office hearing I only have one option on offer – an oesophagectomy (major surgery to remove cancer and my food pipe.) This is life changing!

So for the past few months, Ive been away, having surgery and recovering and growing the facial hair.

While in hospital, I listened to music as always which gave me hope and strength and helped me get through it. I’ll reference some of the songs in these posts that made a huge difference to recovery for me. Id never been seriously ill before thankfully so this was a first for me.

Now, I feel its time to share my experience if anyone is interested do let me know. Leave a comment or email me. Maybe you know someone who has been diagnosed or maybe you have been yourself. It’s been a rough road the past few months for sure but with the help of family, friends and my amazing surgical team, its getting better every day. If my story helps someone else even in a small way to get through their journey with cancer then I don’t mind sharing my experience with you. Stay tuned lovely people…

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