Bead ‘Earth Monkey’ single out now on Bandcamp and iTunes

My new single is out today on Bandcamp and iTunes.

‘Earth Monkey’ is a song I originally wrote and produced at home. This version was mixed by Ingmar Kiang who is best known for his work with Irish and International artists including U2, The Cranberries, Damien Dempsey and Bob Marley.
Bead – Voice, Guitar, Synths, Drum loop, Piano
Ingmar – Guitar, Bass, Mixing

Once mixing was completed, it was over to Fergal Davis for mastering. If you use iTunes, then I’d love to hear your feedback or review.

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Wild Life (instrumental experimenting)

I started working on some instrumental music a while back. Nothing serious, just for my own amusement and experiment. The first couple of tracks I created on the laptop with Logic Pro X sitting on the couch after dinner while watching the TV with the sound turned off. The very first track was called ‘The Message’ which I added an excerpt of an interview of one of my heroes Patti Smith which I found on YouTube over the top of the track. Again just for my own amusement. Here is the latest track I am working on, Wild Life. The picture I took flying over the mountains of Spain last year on my way to Denia.

When I can, I work in my studio, a small space with acoustic guitars, a keyboard (for bass) and a few mics. I try to record acoustic guitar through the mics rather than the audio interface (Scarlett) when I can get a quiet moment which is rare.

Before I knew it, I had a few tracks compiled and I started to share. Recently, a cyber security company I work with asked me if I had any instrumental music for a training course they were preparing and they used one of the tracks as the opening theme to their course. A few months later, they came back to me and said they were working on a new podcast and did I have any more instrumental music. I gave them a link and sure enough a few days later they came back and said they had used two more tracks for their podcast. See player below.

A Conversation with Leo Clancy – IDA Cyber Task Force

Leo Clancy is a member of the Executive Committee of IDA Ireland. IDA’s mission is to attract Foreign Direct investment to Ireland, creating jobs and economic benefit for the people of Ireland. He leads the Technology, Consumer and Business Services sectors, comprising over 40% of IDA’s portfolio, as well as having responsibility for Corporate IT.Leo’s clients at IDA include the largest technology companies in the world. His role is to ensure continued growth and success for those companies already invested in Ireland and to continuously attract new investors. Over his six years at IDA he has worked closely with investors and with the Irish industrial and policy landscape through a major growth phase for technology companies.
  1. A Conversation with Leo Clancy – IDA
  2. A Conversation with Mark Little – KinZen
  3. A Conversation with Michael Conway – Cyber Expo Ireland
  4. A Conversation with Captain Paul Watson – Sea Shepherd
  5. A Conversation with Shane Britten CEO of CrimeStoppers International

Bead’s ‘Black Irish Dogs’ song now on YouTube

‘Black Irish Dogs’ is a song by Irish singer-songwriter Bead.
Partly inspired by Philomena Lynott’s book, who’s one year anniversary was this month, the song is now available on YouTube in addition to usual platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby and Amazon).

The song was produced by Boz Boorer who is best known for his songwriting and guitar work with Morrissey (see Vauxhall & I, You Are The Quarry, World Peace Is None Of Your Business) and features a full band sound of vocals, drums, bass, guitars and fiddle.

Black Irish Dogs (audio)

“The initial concept for this song came one morning waking up in London to the sound of sirens and helicopters overhead. It was August 2011 and it was the start of the London Riots where businesses were burned to the ground.”

“I had wanted to write a song with an Irish theme for a while. Ireland seems to be a revolving door to England, America and Australia since the recession of the 1980’s.”

“After the so called Celtic Tiger collapsed in 2008, Ireland lost thousands upon thousands of young people who had no choice but to emigrate to find work. The cycle continues. This song came together quite quickly.
I recorded it on acoustic guitar with Boz adding instruments and guest musicians later.”

“After recording the song and listening to it, I thought it was missing something. As luck would have it, I started reading a book which would inspire a title for the song. This was the missing piece which I also sing at the end. The book in question was ‘My Boy’ the life story of Philomena Lynott, Mother of Thin Lizzy singer, Phil Lynott.”

My Boy by Philomena Lynott and Jackie Hayden

“Reading the first chapter, I was struck by how Philomena struggled to bring up her child in England. Her life was made all the more difficult by the racism she and Philip endured. In chapter 2, she retells how while walking the streets of Birmingham to find a better home for herself and Philip, she was greeted by window signs depicting the message ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’.”

Plans are afoot to release a full video soon following the announcement of forthcoming airplay on Irish radio.

Climbing Up The Walls

We are all climbing up the walls at this stage. Who can blame this little fella for wanting to make a break for it.

Common Frog (Rana temporaria)

Don’t be a frog, be a good human. Stay home, be safe.

The Common Frog (Rana temporaria) is the only species of frog found in Ireland and is listed as an internationally important species. Frogs are protected under the European Union Habitats Directive and by the Irish Wildlife Act. Ref



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Beirut The Riptide

Discovered The Riptide by Beirut back in 2011, heard it in a veggie restaurant in Galway when I stopped in for dinner. I never heard anything like it and asked the waitress who it was. A very special band. One of those albums that needs to be listened to in its entirety I think. I picked this vinyl version up last October in Kilkenny rollercoaster records and I’m only getting around to listening to it today. If you like brass, check it out. Happy Friday people. Stay safe. 🎧


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How many songs are about Jesus?

Thanks Be To Jesus (a Spotify Playlist)

The first thought I had when I woke up at 5:30 last Sunday, so I decided to start a new Spotify Playlist, as you do. I did a quick post on Instagram last Sunday but now it’s time to get serious.

Off the top of my head… I thought Wilco, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, Nirvana.. then Spotify started adding shit to the playlist, bad Spotify, how very dare you. This needed swift and immediate action!

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– Thanks Be To Jesus playlist