Wild Life (instrumental experimenting)

I started working on some instrumental music a while back. Nothing serious, just for my own amusement and experiment. The first couple of tracks I created on the laptop with Logic Pro X sitting on the couch after dinner while watching the TV with the sound turned off. The very first track was called ‘The Message’ which I added an excerpt of an interview of one of my heroes Patti Smith which I found on YouTube over the top of the track. Again just for my own amusement. Here is the latest track I am working on, Wild Life. The picture I took flying over the mountains of Spain last year on my way to Denia.

When I can, I work in my studio, a small space with acoustic guitars, a keyboard (for bass) and a few mics. I try to record acoustic guitar through the mics rather than the audio interface (Scarlett) when I can get a quiet moment which is rare.

Before I knew it, I had a few tracks compiled and I started to share. Recently, a cyber security company I work with asked me if I had any instrumental music for a training course they were preparing and they used one of the tracks as the opening theme to their course. A few months later, they came back to me and said they were working on a new podcast and did I have any more instrumental music. I gave them a link and sure enough a few days later they came back and said they had used two more tracks for their podcast. See player below.

A Conversation with the Colombian Ambassador to Ireland Ms. Patricia Cortes Ortiz Cyber Task Force

My guest on this podcast is the Colombian Ambassador to Ireland, Ms Patricia Cortes Ortiz We talk about a vast array of topics from the stereotypes of Colombia to how they are giving way to a better understanding of an incredible country with so much to offer from sustainable tourism to a rich diverse culture.  We also discuss some of the successful business and academic links that exist already between Ireland and Colombia and explore how others can follow in the footsteps of Declan Ryan of Viva Air and Dublin City University. Ms. Patricia Cortes Ortiz Bio:Ambassador of Diplomatic and Consular Career of Colombia. Over 25 years of background and experience in the international relations area in the bilateral, multilateral, and high-level management. At the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she was General Director of America in the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs between October 2014 and July 2018, responsible for the bilateral relations of Colombia with 34 countries from the western hemisphere. Previously, she was Coordinator for United States and Canada, and the Summit of Americas between 2006 and 2009;she also served at the Sub direction of The United States and Canada desk between 1998 and 2000. Between 1995-1998 she was coordinator at the Direction of Human Resources. She was Minister Plenipotentiary and Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of Colombia in Washington D.C., between 2009 and 2014;First Secretary in the Embassy of Colombia in Venezuela between 2000 and 2006, and Viceconsul in Washington D.C. She has a master´s degree in Contemporary International Political and Economic Analysis from the Institute for Higher Studies of Development – Universidad Externado de Colombia, with a specialization in Negotiation and International Relations in the Universidad de los Andes and she is a qualified Nutritionist-Dietitian from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. From August 2018 to April 2019 she was Head of Mission of the First Resident Colombian Embassy in Ireland. On April 29, 2019, Ambassador Cortes Ortiz presented her credentials to the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, as Colombia´s first Resident Ambassador to Ireland.
  1. A Conversation with the Colombian Ambassador to Ireland Ms. Patricia Cortes Ortiz
  2. A Conversation with Jacky Fox – Security Lead Accenture Ireland and Vice Chair of Cyber Ireland
  3. A Conversation with Michael Neary – Loss Prevention Expert
  4. A Conversation to Mark Taylor – ICA International Compliance Association
  5. A Conversation to Mary Cleary – ICS Irish Computer Society