Wild Life (instrumental experimenting)

I started working on some instrumental music a while back. Nothing serious, just for my own amusement and experiment. The first couple of tracks I created on the laptop with Logic Pro X sitting on the couch after dinner while watching the TV with the sound turned off. The very first track was called ‘The Message’ which I added an excerpt of an interview of one of my heroes Patti Smith which I found on YouTube over the top of the track. Again just for my own amusement. Here is the latest track I am working on, Wild Life. The picture I took flying over the mountains of Spain last year on my way to Denia.

When I can, I work in my studio, a small space with acoustic guitars, a keyboard (for bass) and a few mics. I try to record acoustic guitar through the mics rather than the audio interface (Scarlett) when I can get a quiet moment which is rare.

Before I knew it, I had a few tracks compiled and I started to share. Recently, a cyber security company I work with asked me if I had any instrumental music for a training course they were preparing and they used one of the tracks as the opening theme to their course. A few months later, they came back to me and said they were working on a new podcast and did I have any more instrumental music. I gave them a link and sure enough a few days later they came back and said they had used two more tracks for their podcast. See player below.

A Conversation with Captain Paul Watson – Sea Shepherd Cyber Task Force

Captain Paul Watson is the Founder, President and Executive Director at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. As we all exist in the cyber world, it's too easy to forget about the real world and the environment. Our prolific consumption and the prolific dissemination of technology has obvious environmental impacts. Criminals utilising the underground ecosystem of the cybercriminal world to illicitly trade in endangered species is an unfortunate reality. The evil and cruelty of humans seems to have no limits, this becomes clear in my conversation with Captain Paul Watson reflecting on his life of defending his clients "creatures" from threat actors "humans". There is profound wisdom being shared here and perhaps a moment for us all to reflect on the consequences of short term decisions and greed versus the longer term consequences.  Music Track: "Farewell to Planet Earth" by http://www.iambead.com
  1. A Conversation with Captain Paul Watson – Sea Shepherd
  2. A Conversation with Shane Britten CEO of CrimeStoppers International
  3. A Conversation with Ben Sapiro Global CISO
  4. A Conversation with Dave Feenan – Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet
  5. A Conversation with Tony Sales "Britains Greatest Fraudster"